The Big Present – Psychology’s Gift to Education

“Every storm runs outta rain”. Maya Angelou

Now is not forever.

As well as bringing many difficult challenges, this current situation also offers an opportunity to grow and learn, to reflect and eventually replenish and reach beyond our current limitations. As a training coach and consultant, my aim is to foster commitment, resilience and creativity in the extraordinary people who work in schools. My latest training,

The Big Present is an accredited series of live interactive on line sessions for schools/educators who want to stay focused and sharpen their skills during this challenging time. In the sessions we will use an understanding of human emotional development as our framework and examine teaching and learning within the context of the relationship between teacher and learner and see what makes it better. I want to maintain the integrity of the sessions , so I’ve limited places to 18 educators per session.

Sessions last for approx 45 minutes.

If you’re interested in attending a session email me and I’ll send you a flyer:

or txt me 07950781271

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Steve Carr

Good Relationships equal Great Progress When students (and teachers) feel safe they will risk everything in the service of their education. These ideas and theories are grounded in 6 great years of MA research into the link between child development and life-long learning and many years creating great relationships with literally thousands of students. The greatest complement I ever heard from many of those students was that my classrooms were the 'safest place to be'. I now run accredited professional development workshops for teachers, teams and school leaders to help them create safety and put the power of positive human relationships at the heart of progress. To find out more email: or subscribe to this blog

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